Confronted with ever growing pressures, today's supervisory boards need to cope with a host of neregulatory and oversight challenges and hence face the need to provide superior services to their business partners.

In this respect and bearing in mind that I have acquired a large blend of expertise during my career, I provide my clients with the following services:


  • Non-executive Director/Board member of Luxembourg based companies such as Investment Funds, both self-managed and funds having designated a ManCo, Professionals of the Financial sector (PSF), SOPARFIs etc..
  • Non-executive Director/Board member of funds domiciled in other offshore jurisdictions such as BVI or Grand Cayman. 
  • Provision of high quality independent oversight in order to act in the best interest of the investors into the fund. 
  • Relationship Management and supervision of all agency relatonships (delegated functions) with main focus on  potential conflicts of interest including proper documentation of such:

                       1) the Fund Administrator

                       2) the Depository

                       3) the Investment Manager

                       4) the Distributor

  • Oversight that risk management is properly managed and reported.
  • All other key/strategic decisions, approvals, appointrnents, suspensions, changes and cancellations relating to the fund or the ManCo.


Obviously, there are many more touchpoints between the respective board and the different relationships such as compliance and reporting that need to be taken care of, but one major issue is capacity and I make sure that sufficient time is allocated to the fulfilling of my board responsibilities to each mandate. 


My main experience lies in the Alternative Investment world including Hedge Funds, Funds of Hedge Funds, Alternative UCITS, but I also service Real Estate Funds and Private Equity.